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is a wireless driveway alarm system
with many applications
Including: alarms for farms, stables, rural residence protection, nurseries, businesses needing yard or compound security, car yard perimeters, farm security systems, fish ponds,
swimming pool security....

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Parabeam 700-fsk System
FOUR Zone Receiver

Parabeam 700-fsk System
TWO Zone Receiver



Long range, wireless, solar recharging beam with
 FOUR zone receiver
& two-way communication
399.00....more info

Long range, wireless, solar recharging beam with
 TWO zone receiver
& two-way communication
379.00....more info


Parabeam 700-fsk
Additional Solar Recharging Beamset

Parabeam 700-fsk
FOUR Zone Receiver Booster Antenna



Long range, wireless, solar recharging beamset - adds to either two zone OR four zone receivers
....more info

FOUR zone receiver booster antenna - extends wireless range to up to 600 meters
....more info


Pocket Receiver Kit
Battery & Mains Adapter Power

Jablotron GD-04
Text Message Alert Module


A must have add-on to any Parabeam Driveway Alarm / Perimeter Alarm system.


Still receive alerts when away from your property. Turn on and off by phone call or text message. Unit will send text alert to up to eight mobile phone numbers

A must have add-on to any Parabeam Driveway Alarm / Perimeter Alarm system
....more info

Receive intruder / visitor alerts anywhere in the world. Ideal for remote control security for holiday homes, farms, businesses, stables, nurseries etc.
....more info


Replacement Beam Batteries
Parabeam System Spare Parts

Megabeam Booster Antenna



Parabeam Driveway Alarm / Perimeter Alarm system spare /replacement parts - Beam batteries
....more info

External booster antenna for extended range of up to three Kilometers (3000m)
145.00....more info


Alarm Accessories



External booster antenna for extended range of up to three Kilometers (3000m)
....more info


Visitor Alert!

The convenience of knowing when some
has arrived at your property.

External, security beam driveway and perimeter alarm systems
give you advanced warning - as opposed to a conventional house alarm, which triggers after an intruder has already entered the house or premises.


Security Beams Ideal For:

Driveway Alarms, Perimeter Alarms, Farm Security, Alarms For Stables, Rural Residential Security, Holiday Home Alarm, Gate Alarm, Customer Alert, Farm Animal Detection, Compound Security.
Customer Alert For; Car Dealerships, Farm Shops, Hotels, Motels Bed & Breakfasts, Offices, Scrap Metal Yards, Warehouses, Vehicle Compounds, Nurseries, Orchards, Visitor Centres

  • No mains wiring to security beam
  • Solar recharging
  • No frequent battery replacement
  • Huge 50 meter security beam span
  • Huge 400 meter (1000 meter line of sight) range
  •  6 zone, multi output base receiver
  • Add multiple beams, receivers, text message
    alert, sirens, strobes, incorporate house alarm.
  • Switch CCTV, flood lights, gates etc.

Customer Alert!

Businesses with a customer entrance, yard or compound will never miss a customer arrive or leave.

Intruder Alert!

Detect intruders BEFORE they reach your property and outbuildings.
The best form of protection against home invasion.

Text Message Alert!

Receive a text message as soon as someone or a vehicle breaks the security beams.

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